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  1. Mark de la Vina - San Jose Mercury News

…simple yet spirited, imaginative take on one of the most beloved comedies is intent on smashing the stodginess of reality.  Director Tim Ocel’s lively rendering accentuates the endless possibilities of Midsummer Eve…Ocel and crew have brought fresh energy to the familiar setting…SSC’s new version not only uses the space in inventive ways but imaginatively suggests a willingness to dream.  That openness to possibilities, so inherent in the play, makes the production all the more enchanting.    more...

  1. Bob Fenster - Santa Cruz Sentinel

…a madcap version…Staged at a rollicking comic clip…a vivid re-imagining …  Director Tim Ocel, a veteran of innovative SSC comedies, makes Dream both accessible to people who haven’t seen a lot of Shakespeare and exciting fun for people who have.  …under Ocel’s direction, the complications remain fluid and risingly funny…  Ocel and scenic designer Dipu Gupta have some amusing surprises for the audience…and makes effective use of both the stage’s intimacy and the redwood glen’s sense of size and power.    more...

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare Santa Cruz, 2001


  1. Valerie Ross - Metro Santa Cruz

…Ocel’s version of A Midsummer Night's Dream blends ancient myth with modern aesthetics, and 18th-and 19th-century set elements with other worldly costumes and distinctly 21st century sensibilities.  By doing so Ocel skillfully captures the play’s own blend of multiple realities and layers of mythic history.  Balance is the theme behind Ocel’s vision…reconciling the differences and conflicts between the natural world of magic and love and the man-made world of law and war. …  Ocel’s imaginative manipulation of Nature’s destructive and creative forces steals the show.    more...